ADHD and ADD affect 3-5% of school children. Medication while helpful in 60-70% of cases does not help learning disabilities or academic skills disorders, speech, processing and sensory perception. Often patients like those on Ritalin are plagued with side effects like insomnia and loss of appetite. Also there have been no studies carried out on long-term cardiovascular and neurophysiological side effects of these medications.

85% of people who have used neurofeedback training to help with ADHD and ADD experienced clinically important reduction of symptoms with 53% no longer meeting symptomatic thresholds at all. Attentive behaviours improved at rates higher than medication. Hyperactivity ceased. Sleep problems improved. Motor skills improved by 40%. Headaches disappeared. Behavioural problems improved and improved markedly when combined with complementary family therapies. Grades went up. There was an increase in measured IQ of 23points. Even adults were able to overcome attentional and cognitive disorders.

Notably, only those who received neurofeedback training sustained gains when tested without medication. And without being asked about it, parents consistently mention a significant improvement in the self-esteem of their child.

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