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What To Expect

What to expect

Our investment is in the individual, using the most powerful combination of Neurotherapy technology available in the UK today. At The Brain Collective, we will walk through your journey with you from start to finish and provide a treatment plan specifically for you. The key to our success is recognising that each brain is different, and importantly, each brain responds differently. No two cases are the same.

Non-invasive, Safe, Painless

Neurofeedback is a non-invasive, painless, and safe treatment. Numerous studies have been done evaluating neurofeedback. None have reported lasting adverse effects. Like any effective treatment, there can be short-lived side effects with neurofeedback. Effects such as difficulty falling asleep, inattention, irritability, sadness, restlessness, and headaches have been reported. However, these effects are usually gone the next day, and it is almost always possible to make adjustments in how the training is done so that they do not recur. It makes sense that neurofeedback is safe when we remember that the process is simply one of learning or training. When you are doing neurofeedback, you are just seeing your own brain activity and getting hints when it is headed in the direction of improved functioning.