The Brain Collective
Suite 5.20, Windsor House
Cornwall Road
(01423) 565522

What to expect

Our investment is in the individual, using the most powerful combination of Neurotherapy technology available in the UK today. At The BrainCollective, we will walk through your journey with you from start to finish and provide a treatment plan specifically for you. The key to our success is recognising that each brain is different, and importantly, each brain responds differently. No two cases are the same.

1. Contact Us For A Discussion

2. Assessment

Intake Questionnaire
Face To Face Discussion
19 Channel QEEG Brain Mapping
Verbal Feedback

3. Decision To Proceed With Therapy And Identification Of Goals

4. Training Starts

5. On-Going Review To Guide Trainine / Adapt Techniques

6. Goals & Positive Change Achieved

7. On-Going Review & Support If Required


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