Working with clients with

Traumatic Brain Injury

After trying everything, researching everything and spanning three continents in the pursuit of healing for our beloved son, we seriously considered uprooting the entire family (with four children and an established family business) and moving lock, stock and barrel to Canada to access Neurofield and Neuroguide therapy – this miraculous marvel of modern science that mainstream doctors seem oblivious to.

When Brain Collective set up the technology not just in England but in Harrogate – a half hour from us – it was an answered prayer, a miracle, a realised dream – utterly unbelievable – and we hadn’t even started yet!

Melanie and Maria are the kind of women one aspires to be! They conduct the practice with the utmost passion, professionalism, vocational commitment, bounds of positivity, cheerfulness and an awe-inspiring pastoral care that is deeply touching. They’re fanatical and excited about keeping up-to-date with latest technological developments, internationally available training, and even advances in alternative therapies – all at great personal investment.

Our son started with them in January 2016 and is on the path to developing far beyond what the ‘medics’ expected of him. And this is only the beginning for him. Our story, we have no doubt, will be added to countless others in years to come as The Brain Collective heals brains, lives, and homes accross the UK (and possibly further afield) – creating hope where none seemed possible and proving consistently and defiantly that miracles do happen – if you dare to believe.

Come here with open minds and put your trust in them – it’s the chance of a lifetime!