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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

My eldest son began suffering from depression and emotional problems during his second year of university. Having had to leave his studies as a result of these problems, he was subsequently diagnosed with cPTSD as a result of bullying suffered at school, severe depression, and later with atypical autism. Over a one year period following the initial manifestation of these problems my son suffered recurrent deep depressive episodes about once every 3 weeks, during which he would often resort to self harm. Throughout this time he was under the care of a consultant psychologist and three different cognitive behavioural therapists, and was prescribed four different anti-depressants and also mood stabilisers. None of this treatment or medication made any discernible difference, and so after a year of suffering through the most horrible experiences that I have ever witnessed, if anything things had only gotten worse for him. The only further treatment we were offered was hospitalisation, and the situation for my son and our family felt utterly hopeless.


Over this year long period we read many books relating to my sons diagnoses, and in early 2016 we came across a book (The Body Keeps The Score) which mentioned neuro-feedback as a treatment for trauma, and as a result my son started a course of neuro-feedback therapy with Maria and Melanie at The Brain Collective. Right from the start of this treatment my son experienced obvious improvement in his quality of life, initially apparent as the episodes becoming noticeable less severe, and the period between episodes being much happier in nature. Once this new situation was firmly in place, the neuro-feedback protocols were amended by Maria and Melanie following consultation with us, and from that point the episodes became less frequent. As I write this my son has not suffered an episode for several months, and has now returned to university to complete his course.


Whilst my sons experiences of the last 18 months mean that I would obviously advocate the use of neuro-feedback to anyone in a similar situation, that really only covers one element of why I cannot commend The Brain Collective strongly enough. The other elements revolve around Maria and Melanie themselves, and the fantastic support that they provide. At a point where our whole family was in a terribly distressed place, Maria and Melanie consistently provided us with assistance that was way above anything we experienced elsewhere, and well beyond what might constitute a normal 'provider-client' relationship. I firmly believe that their conversations with myself and my son, flexibility with appointments, recommendations on diet and supplements, and provision of books and equipment in between appointments were a vital part of the improvements that he has experienced. I can honestly say that is impossible for me to recommend Maria and Melanie highly enough. Not many people can claim that if more people were like them the world would be a happier place, but this is absolutely true of these two ladies. As a parent, few things are as awful as feeling powerless to help when your child feels that life isn't worth living, and I will be eternally grateful to Maria and Melanie for rescuing my son and my family from that thoroughly desperate state.


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