The Brain Collective
Suite 5.20, Windsor House
Cornwall Road
(01423) 565522


My eldest daughter was diagnosed with atypical autism with severe emotional and behavioural problems at age 7, and we were told that we would never be able to have her living at home with us again and that she would never be able to attend mainstream education.  Through my contact with an autism support group I heard about Melanie’s journey and the amazing work that was taking place in Vancouver, cue two visits to Vancouver for us and mind blowing changes to our daughter’s behaviour.  This led us to be Melanie and Maria’s first customers.  We now have a daughter who not only lives with us, but plays a fundamental role in our family.

 Who is doing really well in main stream education and will be taking her GCSE’s next year with C grades predicted all round.  Yes we still have issues, however Melanie and Maria have been able to identify where her brain struggles and opened it up to be able to learn, enabling us to get help for her where she needs it and put appropriate support in place enabling her to not only function but thrive.  I believe that paths cross for a reason and am eternally grateful that ours crossed with Melanie and Maria. 

The Brain Collective isn’t their work it is their vocation and I cannot recommend them highly  enough – they go above and beyond to make a difference, truly deserving their amazing reputation and their success.


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