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Melanie Adeley
Melanie Adeley

Melanie is the co-founder of The Brain Collective alongside her friend and colleague Maria Walters.

Melanie qualified as a Doctor of Medicine at the Royal Free Hospital, University of London in 1988 and continues to practice as a Consultant Anaesthetist within the NHS on a part time basis.

The launch of this Neurotherapy practise evolved from a very personal journey with her own son. After years of limited gains with his developmental difficulties and epilepsy treated with the traditional medical model, Melanie researched and embarked on a series of three courses of Neurotherapy over a period of two years with Dr Paul Swingle at the Swingle Clinic in Vancouver, Canada.

The improvements made were significant and subsequently Melanie delivered ongoing care under the guidance of the Swingle Clinic to her own son. This experience has also allowed her to offer similar care to the children of other local families who had similarly observed the beneficial power of Neurofeedback training.

Robust training enabling delivery of a high quality service has been pivotal to the development of The Brain Collective. Melanie has trained with Dr Paul Swingle with a particular emphasis on BrainDryving techniques and Lesley Parkinson in London with whom she obtained the BCIA boot camp qualification. Melanie also trained with James and Sarah Roy of and most recently has successfully completed Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced training in QEEG and Neuroguide and other Neurofeedback techniques, Neurofield and Transcranial DC and AC stimulation techniques with Dr Nicholas Dogris in California. Additional specific training in QEEG and Neuroguide Neurofeedback training was completed with Doerte Klein and Nadia Hristova in Germany. Training has also been undertaken with Jamie Moore in Nebraska who is the worldwide leader in using Neurofield on the body to influence the brain and Phil Jones who is the creator of the Loreta Progress Report tool which facilitates protocol development and tracking of progress. Most recently, Melanie has attended training with one of the masters of Neurofeedback, Dr Joel Lubar who initially identified the application for the treatment of ADHD.

Mentoring with worldwide experts in the field is a fundamental part of the development of the practice both through e-mail forums and individual face to face sessions, in addition to regular trips to the USA to attend clinical workshops and ongoing continual professional development courses.

Over the years, the benefits Neurotherapy can bring to individuals and families has become increasingly evident to Melanie, further strengthening her passion to deliver training in this rapidly developing field, consolidated by her in-depth medical background and personal experience.

Maria Walters
Maria Walters

Maria is is the co-founder of The Brain Collective alongside her friend and colleague Melanie Adeley.

Maria graduated with a degree in Applied Sciences and entered a career in senior management working in FTSE top 100 companies both in technical research and managing large workforces. There followed a period of 25 years in management, leadership and coaching helping companies and individuals navigate through significant change. Maria then joined and subsequently ran a National Consultancy firm specialising in helping companies and people recognise and adapt to change. Between 2011-2014, Maria funded the expansion and relocation of a specialised school in Haywards Heath, for children with social, emotional and educational difficulties after it faced closure. Maria was incredibly passionate about, and empathetic to the needs of these children and their families, and did all she could to ensure it’s future.

Maria continued her successful career following the birth of her sons, however at the age of 4 her youngest son was diagnosed with ADHD, and treated with Ritalin. Maria was faced with her toughest personal challenge during this time as a range of educational and social difficulties unfolded. There began the journey to find alternative and effective solutions, ultimately leading the family to the neurofeedback clinic of Dr Paul Swingle, based in Vancouver, Canada. After 11 years on medication for ADHD, at the age of 15, her son embarked on a course of neurofeedback. The family travelled to Vancouver and following the initial success continued with regular sessions over the course of 2 years, which had a significant impact on not only her son, but also the whole family. Today her son is medication free and in his second year at University.

Knowing this therapy was available but not readily accessible to many in the UK, Maria pursued a goal to be able to provide neurofeedback therapy in the UK to the highest possible standards. Studying under leaders in the field including Dr Paul Swingle in Canada, James Roy from Brainworks UK, Dr Nicholas Dogris, Dr Joel Lubar, Jamie Moore and Phil Jones in the USA, and Doerte Klein and Nadia Hristova in Germany, Maria has become a qualified practitioner at advanced level. Maria’s ultimate dream was realised when she teamed up with Melanie in 2009 , and began delivering neurotherapy in the North of England.

Like Melanie, she regularly consults with, and is mentored by worldwide experts in the field to continue to grow the experience and expertise of the practice, and attends clinical workshops and on-going continual professional development courses in the USA.

Paula Conroy
Paula Conroy

Paula qualified as a Primary School teacher, graduating from Leeds Metropolitan University. For the last 13 years Paula has been a committed and dedicated primary teacher working in main stream schools throughout all key stages.

Paula has worked closely with special educational needs (SEN) departments in and out of school, to offer children an inclusive curriculum. She has been subject leader in school for many core subjects and assessments and brings with her an insight into the current educational system.

In addition to her teaching work she has also worked with Barnardos helping out with children with various needs throughout the holidays.

Prior to Paula’s degree in Primary Education she also worked in the CT department at St James Hospital Leeds. She is a positive and passionate person whose main aim is to help and support others. Paula will be supporting The Brain Collective as a trained clinician with a special interest in children.

Mike Renolds
Mike Renolds
Non-Executive Director

Mike has been with the Brain Collective as a non-executive director since the business was started. His interest in health started over 10 years ago when his father developed dementia and had to go into a nursing home. He is passionate about providing care to people and has a portfolio of interests in the health sector.

He is married with two grown up children and lives in Leeds. The majority of his career was spent in industry as a CFO working for a variety of companies. He spent many years at Cape PLC (a multi-national contracting business) and became the Group Finance Director. Since 2011 he has set up a nursing home group, which now has three homes, including one which specializes in residents with mental health and nursing needs. He is a NED at South Tees Hospital Trust and is an active member of the Bradford Care Association Committee. Mike qualified as a Chartered Accountant while at Arthur Andersen & Co after reading Mathematics at Bristol University.

The Brain Collective is a unique set of individuals with a broad range of skills. The Brain Collective also offer an International panel of Advisors through strong, working relationships with the top, key pioneers in the field, and other international connections. The panel of advisors consist of:

The Brain Collective Network / Board of Advisors

Dr Nick Dogris

Dr Nick Dogris
Licensed Psychologist, and inventor / founder of Neurofield


Dr Robert Thatcher

Director of Applied Neuroscience Laboratories, and Neuroguide expert


Dr Joel Lubar

South Eastern Neurofeedback Institute


Dr Phil Jones


Jamie Moore

Registered Nurse and neurotherapy practitioner at Moore Neurotherapy, Nebraska


Professor Paul Swingle

Registered Psychologist, and one of the founding fathers of Clinical psychoneurophysiology


Other Professionals we have associations with:

Gail Rhodes
York Human Givens

Kathryn Elliot
Osteopath – The Kathryn Elliott Practice, Knaresborough, North Yorkshire
01423 868388

Amanda Donkin
Counsellor and Horse Therapy