pirHEG – Passive Infrared Haemoencephalography

What is pirHEG?

Invented by Jeff Carmen in 1998, this is another technology which uses the Infrared component of the Electromagnetic Spectrum (7 – 14 microns).

How does it work?

pirHEG measures thermal metabolic waste in the brain’s frontal lobes. It helps us study and understand the individual’s metabolic activity.

When we are anxious or react strongly to traumatic events our frontal lobe often shuts down. This affects our attention and executive function.  It also prevents us from properly regulating our emotions. Most purposeful actions can stop us feeling anxious. Activating the pre-frontal cortex through pirHEG can effectively shut down anxiety.

Training in practice

pirHEG is administered via a gadget attached to the forehead while the client sits comfortably in a chair watching something on a TV screen.

Who benefits?

Inhibitory control is necessary to improve conditions like anxiety, rage, depression, epilepsy, migraine, concussion, traumatic brain injury, seizures, dementia, fatigue and ADHD. We therefore often use pirHEG in these cases. We also use it for peak performance training and preventing cognitive decline and usually use it in combination with Infralow or Neuroguide.

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