Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Melanie Adeley - Co-Founder, Clinical Director

Melanie provides the Brain Collective with a robust scientific background, catapulting us into one of the best clinical practices of neurofeedback technology in the world. She continues to practice as a part-time Consultant Anaesthetist with the NHS.

Melanie’s foray into neurotherapy was rooted in a frustration with main-stream medicine to successfully heal her own son who was struggling with developmental difficulties and epilepsy. Like business partner Maria Walters, her passionate quest culminated in Canada with an avid determination to bring neurofeedback technology back to the UK to share the technology’s revolutionary healing potential.

Melanie has spearheaded the practice in the exploration and mastery of a comprehensive and diverse range of neurofeedback technologies in different cities and countries across the globe. We can design personalised, powerful and effective protocols for our clients thanks to her commitment to continuing clinical experience, research and education.

Maria Walters - Co-Founder, Clinical Leader

Maria’s decades-long iridescent career managing large workforces for FTSE 100 companies came to a challenging crossroad when her four-year-old, younger son, was diagnosed with ADHD and medicated for it. An exhaustive international quest for effective alternative therapies culminated in Maria’s life-changing journey with neurofeedback technology which finally saw her son off medication – and now at university!

A visionary and inspiring business leader, Maria’s magical way with people, gleams the best out of both staff and clients revealing her effortless ability to put together extraordinary teams. With a degree in Applied Sciences, Maria has also fruitfully run a national consultancy firm coaching individuals and companies in the navigation of significant personal change and her philanthropic passions saw her successfully fund and restore the expansion and relocation of a special school on threat of closure.
The business back-bone of the Brain Collective, Maria has engendered a cutting-edge culture of nurture, innovation and best-practice not to be beaten. We watch enthusiastically as Maria, together with business partner Melanie Adeley embark on an engaging journey pursuing this shared passionate dream of healing the world – one client at a time!

Mike Renolds - Non-Executive Director

Retiring as group Finance Director with a multi-national contracting business, Mike spent the majority of his career as CFO for eclectic companies. His growing portfolio of interests in the health sector began as a personal journey to properly care for a parent struggling with dementia, setting up a nursing home group in 2011 now with three homes including one specialising in mental health. Non-executive director at South Tees Hospital Trust, member of the Bradford Care Association committee, qualified Chartered Accountant (including a stint with Arthur Anderson) and a Mathematics scholar, Mike has joined our team to provide the solid financial direction necessary to ensure we at the Brain Collective, sustainably realise our daring dreams!

Paula Conroy - Clinician

A Leeds Met Alumni, Paula’s versatility as a Primary School teacher and subject-leader across key-stages makes her popular with our junior clients. Having worked closely with Special Educational Needs Departments in schools and disabled children at Barnado’s, Paula has a keen insight into how we can team-up with schools to engender the provision of an inclusive education for our clients. Couple that with a brief foray in healthcare, working at the CT department at St. James Hospital in Leeds, and a natural talent for management and business; Paula is a strong team asset. Passionate about mental health, Paula spends her time away from work taking on challenging charity fundraisers having already trekked the Sahara to raise money for WellSprings, set up a charity ball for Bobath (a Cerebral palsy initiative) and finished the Great North Run for GetsKidsGoing!

Laura Hunt - Clinician

With a degree in Biology, post-graduate certification in Education, and 15 years experience teaching primary school children of every age, Laura also doubled up co-ordinating literacy, science and PE at schools in Yorkshire before her career change with us. Her varied interests, passions and experience spanning sports, education and science, make her a dynamic and much-loved clinician. Outside of work – watch out for Laura in North Yorkshire and Harrogate League Netball Tournaments!

Chris Walters - Clinician

Chris’s story is inextricably linked with the story of the Brain Collective and its raison d’etre. With a personal success story and work placement connected with neurofeedback technologies, our newest recruit holds a BSc in Sports and Exercise Science from Edinburgh University. Also expressing a keen interest and some study in psychology, Chris is training for certification in Human Givens which is a form of psychotherapy/counselling. In addition to that, Chris is exploring research in Neurofeedback for Peak Performance training related to sportspersons and a clinical specialism in head injury cases.

In his free time Chris is an avid bike enthusiast, having competed at the National and European level in Downhill Mountain Biking, and spending a large portion of his free time fixing bikes, cycling, and training. At the office, Chris’s warm cheery and caring disposition keeps us all smiling, works wonders with our younger clients and epitomises the values of service, nurture, and teamwork we hold so dear.

Kay Smithells - Administrator

Executive life-line and resiliently-genial face of the Brain Collective, Kay is our latest asset! With an eclectic academic and professional background embracing hotel management, teaching and administration; Kay is responsible for keeping us ticking on a daily basis and your first port of call for the resolution of all things administrative!

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