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of people find medication isn't enough to control seizures

Our daughter suffers from an intractable form of epilepsy which presented 7 years old. The symptoms worsened over the years and the full rainbow of episodes present at any time.

Temporary relief of symptoms were short lived be it from medication and eventually the vagus nerve stimulation.

Now grown up, she is unable to work or partake in any form of study due to the changing nature of her status.

Many visits to the world's leading epileptologists and brain surgeons fed back that even the latest Deep Brian stimulation would be a futile venture and the only possibility left was surgery to the corpus callossum which is a path that both ourselves parents and surgeons were all reluctant to follow.

Two of the loveliest professionals, Mel and Maria, have taken up the challenge and we are most grateful to them. We are not out of the woods yet but they are dedicated and gone way above duty which already has given positive results and for Natalie. The episodes are shorter, milder and less frequent while Natalie is feeling better in between. In particular we have noticed that the episodes of dystopia, painful involuntary tightening of the limbs manifest once every two months instead of every day.

It might be a long road ahead but the unconditional support from Mel and Maria we are certain we are heading for a better destination.

We have no reservation in recommending Neurofield therapy here at Harrogate for patients of any age group, particularly those for whom the medical options have run out

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