Working with clients with

Chronic or Degenerative Disorders

Boost your brain

We can help people in their early stages of cognitive degeneration. Studies into NeuroFeedback's effect on Alzheimer's* and Huntington's** Show that using qEEG neurofeedback therapy can help individuals maintain their brain function for longer and reduce symptoms.
*According to this study
**According to this study

NeuroFeedback and Degenerative Disorders


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We have shown that HD patients can learn to regulate their own brain activity using neurofeedback training. Importantly, we were able to identify the functional and structural changes that occurred during neurofeedback training and which correlated with cognitive and motor improvement in a set of (untrained) measures sensitive to disease progression. Our data suggest that functional connectivity between the SMA and the left putamen may be a promising target for neurofeedback training. Our results can inform the design of future larger, randomized and controlled studies, which are now required to provide stronger evidence on the effectiveness and benefits of this approach. Because it is noninvasive, neurofeedback training could be used preventatively or as adjunct treatment (Linden, 2012) to other disease‐modifying therapies and restore function in HD and other neurodegenerative diseases.

- Stimulating neural plasticity with real‐time fMRI neurofeedback in Huntington's disease: A proof of concept study

We Provide a Medication-Free Treatment To Use Alongside Your Current Treatment

A careful assessment is the first step on your path forward. For Degenerative Disorders, you will need a careful look at the Disorder's symptoms. After this We will provide a plan to help you stablise your brain.


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