Infra-Low Neurofeedback

The Infra-Low Neurofeedback approach has evolved from the original Neurofeedback approach of training the traditional frequency band oscillations of 1 to 30 Hz. The Othmer’s of the EEG Institute in Los Angeles, USA, initiated this approach in 2006 and continue to develop and evolve this powerful and effective tool. The…

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Alpha Theta Training

Alpha Theta Deep State TrainingDeep state training may be indicated for certain clients after achieving physiological self-regulation with awake state training. Alpha Theta training facilitates the sub-conscious resolution of traumatic experiences, fears and habits that continue to trigger uncomfortable feelings and behaviours by holding a person in a deeply relaxed…

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Neurofield Neuromodulation

NeuromodulationHere at the Braincollective we are leaders in the field of combining  Neurofeedback with stimulation technologies within the UK. We have hosted annual practitioner training courses delivered by the developers of the Neurofield platform, Dr Nicholas Dogris and Dr Tiffany Thompson. The Neuromodulation stimulation techniques used include pulsed electromagnetic field…

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