Who’s Looking After the Mental Health of the NHS


A case study of a front-line Doctor

A Nascent Pandemic

It was March 2020. Medical professionals were tested to their limits and it was only just beginning. Caring for the sick during a global pandemic requires physical strength, mental resilience and – at the very least, good health.

A Rampant Coronavirus

Medics across the NHS have been suffering with Covid, Anxiety and PTSD.

Robert, a front-line doctor was working flat out when he contracted Covid and was almost hospitalised. His blood stats fell to 83. His physical recovery itself took months. He kept going, as doctors do, returning to work amidst daunting pressure, self-doubt, and worry. In the months following his illness he suffered a variety of symptoms. The whole world seemed foggy. He found it extremely hard to concentrate and focus on anything. He suffered worrying memory loss. He commented it gave him an insight into what it must feel like to have dementia. Extreme fatigue plagued him to the point where he would come home halfway through the day and go to bed. His sleep was constantly disrupted. The combination of these factors inevitably caused anxiety and depression. He fell ill again, post-vaccination, with a renewed intense revival of all negative symptoms. Overwhelmed and beaten down, he reached out to the Brain Collective for help.

What we Do

Neurofeedback is a breakthrough in mental health remediation. The Brain Collective uses a range of Neurofeedback technologies to train people’s brains to naturally, instinctively, and confidently self-regulate one’s emotional state. The results are optimum mental health and peak performance.

Robert’s Recovery Process

Using our diagnostic process, we assed Robert’s physical, cognitive and personal challenges. Based on the outcome of our clinical analysis we devised protocols using the most suitable technologies. We began the healing process using the infra low approach (The Othmer Method) in this case. It started the process of stabilising the brain. After that we worked on individual symptoms in bi-weekly sessions over several weeks.

The Results

The emotional resilience utterly eroded by Covid has been remarkably reversed by brain training. With the fatigue lifting and brain-fog almost entirely resolved, Robert has been able to return to work relieved, uplifted and with renewed resolve.

A Word from our Client

“I write to spread the word that hope exists for medics in despair. A solution outside the scope of the NHS, rooted in cutting-edge scientific advances of neurofeedback technologies and what seems to be a revolutionary approach to mental health provision. The team at the Brain Collective are a unique example of a practice offering relief from the full spectrum of mental health symptoms. The results (for me) are unimaginable. One in three people suffering from covid are enduring anxiety or depression in its aftermath. There is hope. Grasp it.”- Doctor Robert Finchley, NHS

*In order to protect our client’s privacy, we have used an assumed identity for this case-study.

The Brain Collective helps with a range of mental health symptoms and conditions such as ADHD and PTSD using a range of Neurofeedback methods. We work best with clients who can conveniently commute to and from Harrogate on the same day. To learn more about Neurofeedback therapy, explore our process and discover who we help, visit us at www.thebraincollective.co.uk or book a free telephone consultation on 01423 565522.

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