Surviving Lockdown

Never before now has Britain closed schools – not even during the war. A pandemic of unprecedented proportions gripping the globe has created a whirlwind of repercussions some of which will not be realised until after the dust settles many years down the line.

Brexit was a strain on the mental health of the whole country and itself not resolved before Coronavirus took hold. Stressed politicians straining to save the economy, exhausted key workers working crazy shifts putting themselves and loved ones at risk quietly suffering post traumatic stress, anxious parents turned educators juggling professional work, strained school teachers having to educate with strict social distancing rules, an aging population isolated at a time they need love most, depressed children many who have no siblings, not being able to socialise with friends… The list goes on and on.

Furthermore, the anxiety, traumatic stress and feelings of depression and overload suffered by a large portion of the population are exacerbated in children with problems like ADHD and ADD, Aspergers and similar issues.

Neurofeedback therapy is the one of the few disciplines that can provide personal solutions for the robust mental health of each individual with a nurturing approach, no medication whatsoever, and clinical trials showing remarkable effectiveness in reducing symptoms for stressPTSDAnxiety and Panic DisordersADHD, ADDDepression and more. We also help professionals and athletes with peak performance training.

If you are one of those struggling. You needn’t be. Call us now to ask how we can help you. In the meantime, eat nutritious fresh food, get lots of exercise, spend time meditating or your own preferred calming activity and connect with people you love…

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