Alpha Theta Training

Alpha Theta Deep State Training

Deep state training may be indicated for certain clients after achieving physiological self-regulation with awake state training. Alpha Theta training facilitates the sub-conscious resolution of traumatic experiences, fears and habits that continue to trigger uncomfortable feelings and behaviours by holding a person in a deeply relaxed state in which traumatic memories can safely surface and be processed.

Alpha Theta training was brought to clinical practice back in the 1990’s by Eugene Peniston. He worked with a cohort of Vietnam veterans who had suffered with years of recurrent nightmares and flashbacks symptomatic of what is now accepted to be symptomatic of PTSD who had become dependent on drugs and alcohol as coping strategies. There was a significantly greater improvement in the mental health issues of these men together with a much lower relapse rate with substance abuse than with talk therapy alone.

Alpha Theta is often recommended to clients after a period of awake state stabilisation if there are issues with chemical dependency, PTSD, a history of developmental or emotional trauma, recovery from major illness or family changes e.g. divorce, death of a loved one and to achieve optimal mental fitness and peak performance.

A safe and calm environment is created for the session:

  • A deeply reclined position with a blanket.
  • A dimly lit room
  • An eye mask is recommended but not essential.
  • Headphones through which you will receive Binaural beats to encourage the ebb and flow of Theta and Alpha brain waves and listen to one of a selection of Guided Imagery recordings by Evvy Shapero to facilitate relaxation into this deeper state. You will also be aware of gentle ‘gong’ sounds which reward the brain when these deeper states are accessed.

We have been trained personally by Evvy Shapero from the California Pain Medicine Centre in the application and delivery of Alpha Theta deep state training.

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